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About Nicole Costa...


I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, and graduated from the University of South Florida in 2001 with a B.A. degree in Public Relations. My love for fitness began as soon as I stepped into the USF gym on my very first day of college. I was immediately hooked, and spent every free moment in between classes at the gym.


In 2004, I moved to Miami for a Corporate Sales Director position at the luxury health club in the Four Seasons Hotel on Brickell Avenue. It was there, soon after moving, where I met my husband, and realized quickly that he was “the one.” We have been married for over 17 years, and have 4 beautiful children, ages 17, 13, 11, and 4. In 2013, we moved back to Tampa in order to provide a safer and more family-friendly environment for raising our children.  

I have competed in 4 NPC figure competitions since becoming a mother, placing "Top 5" in 2 of them, and I understand the demands and organization that eating healthy and exercising places on one's schedule and life, especially as a parent. Although, I have devoted the last 16 years primarily to raising my children, I have also managed to; train clients, teach group fitness, share my story at public speaking engagements, and use social media as my main platform for marketing & to connect to and inspire others. I am also currently certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


Helping new moms adjust to motherhood, battling out those tough toddler years, running elementary students back and forth between carlines and activities, coping with middle school issues and independence, and now navigating college applications and scholarships for a high-school senior (all while trying to maintain a healthy marriage and a fit physique) have been some of the ways I have connected with and mentored other moms throughout various stages. I'd love to share what has worked for me and many others as well. Please reach out, and let's get started!  


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